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Wild Life Conservation Camp (Sumatra)

Wildlife Conservation Camp (Sumatra)



At The Untamed Paths, we are always evolving and our work extends beyond Singapore.

We collaborate and support NGOs and relevant organisations abroad in combating the illegal wildlife trade. Our key strength lies in direct engagement and communications, using our extensive network in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife especially in rural Sumatra.

Our network also allows for various regional outreach workshops, expeditions into areas with high-biodiversity, photographic documentation and videography work.

Camp 3 Highlights

March 1-6 2023

Camp 2 Highlights

January 4-9 2023

Wildife concervation camp 2 north sumatra

The Untamed Paths teamed up with Sumatra Eco Project to create a memorable wildlife camp with a strong emphasis on conservation, which took place from 3-9 January 2023. The trip focused on wildlife and conservation, and was an experience to remember.

Our camp was situated in rural north Sumatra, near the borders of the Leuser Ecosystem, which is one of the most extensive tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia. It is the only remaining place where tigers, elephants, orangutans, and rhinos live in the wild. Numerous endangered species are at the risk of extinction.

Although the highlights of the trip were observing siamangs, langurs, orangutans, snakes, hiking, and river crossings, our nonprofit collaborator, SUMECO, provided us with a unique perspective on the local implementation and enforcement of laws protecting endangered wildlife and forest ecosystems.

During our brief five-day stay, we witnessed the local SUMECO team conduct several rescues, including a crested serpent eagle, two black-winged kites, and an Asian forest tortoise. The team also discovered a few leads to combat illegal wildlife trade and pet trafficking.

It was an eye-opener to witness the challenging conditions that SUMECO work in, in an area where many individuals turn to palm oil and rubber plantations, and a few find jobs in hospitality or ecotourism. It was critical for TUP to be on the ground with our local conservation partners to comprehend the broader societal conditions in which they operate.

High-profile wildlife crime busts often receive a lot of media attention and headlines. However, what is less well-known is that underlying wildlife crime and trafficking at the sources of the wildlife products supply chain, such as Gunung Leuser National Park, is the rapid deforestation and land-use conversions taking place around the National Park’s vicinity. As forests are cleared for roads and other infrastructure projects, and for palm oil and rubber plantations, this is forcing wild animals into the path of humans, making them vulnerable to poaching for the illegal wildlife trade.

It was also from being on the ground that we, as Singaporeans, were able to witness SUMECO’s passion. What SUMECO lacks in resources, they make up for in their drive to do things and strong connections.

TUP is constantly evolving, and in 2023, we will be expanding our reach in the region, starting with the Sumatra and Bali Conservation Camps! Our commitment is to center these experiences around being a part of local NGOs’ efforts to combat illegal wildlife trade, reforestation, as well as education, research, and outreach. We also aspire to gradually expand towards ecotourism experiences in hands-on restoration of coral reefs and mangrove ecosystems.

So, will you join us on our next adventure?

Camp 1 Highlights

October 11-16 2022

pilot programme