The Untamed Paths

Rediscovery of the Selangor Mud Snake

An extremely significant find in our very own concrete jungle – SINGAPORE.
Little is known about the Selangor Mud Snake (Raclitia indica) worldwide and the first discovery here was in 1914! That would mean a gap of more than a CENTURY (106 years to be exact). A lifetime! To put its rarity into perspective – there are less than 10 specimens retrieved worldwide.
We’re excited to share with everyone our monumentous sighting and this is living proof that our little island is home to remarkable creatures and so much more is out there waiting to be discovered.
We hope to continue the good work and as ambassadors of biodiversity in Singapore, we truly envision a future where we live in harmony with the many amazing animals that cohabit this island we call home. Looking forward, it is so important to be informed about what we have here. You could very well be part of the next big discovery while fishing, biking or hiking!
The future is optimistic!
Read more in this Singapore Biodiversity Record by Law, Neo, Chan & Shivaram (some of whom are Herpetological Society of Singapore members).
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