Naturalist Night Adventure



Let our experienced facilitators show you the way! As we will be walking in and around parks, a slight degree discomfort should be expected (humidity) but other than that, this program is conducted safely.

Group Size

To ensure everyone gets our undivided attention, groups are of the ratio 6-8 Participants : 1 Facilitator. No minimum nor maximum pax at all!

Age Restrictions

Never! Everyone can join in the fun! These programs are great enrichment for the kids!


Totally dependent on our speed but a good estimate for the entire experience would be 1.5-2 hours. With breaks in-between of course.

Things to Bring

1. Water
2. Torchlight
3. Insect Repellant
4. A Handy Camera

Bad Weather

No problem! Postpone to your next available date at no cost!

*Programmes are non-refundable

Mangrove Rambling (Easy)

Discover mangrove inhabitants such as horseshoe crabs, vinegar crabs, mudskippers and loads of snakes (at a safe distance of course!)

Flight Of The Colugo (Easy)​

Majestic gliders of the night, nuff said

March Of The Giant Ants And Luminous Scorpions (Medium)

Observe the largest ant in Southeast Asia and how they operate in their unique caste system. Spot scorpions from the darkness and learn their anatomy, elusive behaviour and predatory diet.