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30cm) in a single bite.”> MACKEREL FOR THE BIGGIES Animals such as benthic sharks are fed lesser as they are generally less active than pelagic sharks. BAMBOO SHARKS

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Civets in Singapore?

We always associate kopi luwak to the civet cats in Indonesia but do you know these raccoon looking creatures are actually living among us in Singapore? CAPTIVE MASKED CIVET Civet cats as we always call them aren’t actually cats but … Read More

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Rediscovery of the Selangor Mud Snake

An extremely significant find in our very own concrete jungle – SINGAPORE. Little is known about the Selangor Mud Snake (Raclitia indica) worldwide and the first discovery here was in 1914! That would mean a gap of more than a … Read More

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Smash The Trash 2021 RECAP

On the 28th of February, we rallied intertidal and naturalist ‘alumni’ alike to join us, as we rolled up our sleeves for a beach clean-up cum mini-intertidal session. What better way to spend a Sunday evening doing a worthy cause! … Read More

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Muck Diving in Tulamben!

In April 2022, we headed to Tulamben for a dive trip. COVID had disrupted such plans for a while, and it was with great anticipation that the trip took off. (We even had to take pre-departure PCRs back then, thankfully … Read More

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