Intertidal Exploration – Mainland



Let our experienced facilitators show you the way! As we will be walking on and around the beach, a slight degree of discomfort should be expected. Your feet WILL GET MUDDY, WET AND SANDY

Group Size

To ensure everyone gets our undivided attention, groups are of the ratio 6-8 Participants : 1 Facilitator. No minimum nor maximum pax at all!

* Kids age: <12 years old

Age Restrictions

Never! Everyone can join in the fun! These programmes are great enrichment for the kiddos!


Totally dependent on our speed but a good estimate for the entire experience would be 1.5-2 hours. With breaks in-between of course.

Things to Bring

2. Torchlight* (bef 7AM, aft 6PM)
3. Water
4. A Handy Camera
5. An Adventurous Spirit!

Bad Weather

No problem! Postpone to your next available date at no cost!

*Programmes are non-refundable

Embark on an exciting intertidal journey that will ignite your adventurous spirit like never before! Prepare yourself for an exciting journey of discovery, where the often overlooked marine world unveils its wonders. Dive into a mesmerising underwater world, where one can find echinoderms, crustaceans, bivalves and fish of different kinds. As you tread carefully on the seagrass meadows, observe the agile hermit crabs scurrying across the sand, their shells serving as a shield against predators. Learn basic coastal ecology and discover the intricate behaviours of these often underestimated marine creatures.

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Our Promise To Biodiversity

We love wildlife as much as you do! It is crucial that all of us understand that conservation is for everyone and do our part in ensuring that these fragile ecosystems remain healthy for generations to come.

Awareness, in our opinion – is the best form of conservation. 

Be beautifully aware of our endemic wildlife. Tread carefully on the coastal biotopes.

Champion to be an advocate so that others can be as informed as you are. Leave the single-use plastics at home or better yet, pick up trash as you go about your exploration.

And why go with a guide? You see life you never imagined existed on our shores but more importantly, you learn to appreciate these ecosystems and the animals that live in it – respectfully.

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